INPROSER NV has its own training academy, this was established to ensure all employees have a good knowledge what security means and where INPROSER stands for. We use our own knowledge and experience, as well as the Dutch educational system for our academy. All guards have to attend our training and pass our exams to be able to work for us. It doesn’t end at your passing the first exam, all our employees will continuously work on improvement and progress, the courses are given on a regular and repetitive basis to keep up all their skills. We start with the guard training, we also have communication skills training, training for our supervisors, and managing skills. Our academy offers our clients training of their own guards too, custom made, at your office or at our academy.
current open vacancies:
  • investigation services .
     INPROSER has a dedicated research team with great experience in the field and knowledge of Paramaribo area. Our team has worked for the police and army force and are skilled interviewers, always maintaining ethical standards, keeping all communication completely confidential. Services we offer:
- Debugging
- Industrial espionage
- Internal theft
- Timecard manipulation
- Sabotage
- Background check
- Video/Photo surveillance We are extremely proficient in stationary, mobile and pedestrian surveillance.
The moment you feel you do not need protection and you feel safe, that’s the moment we have achieved our goal and did a good job.
  • Unarmed Guard .
     INPROSER supplies both armed and unarmed security guards, for the armed guards please click on Armed Response Team ART. Our unarmed security guards are high professional guards that have passed our selective personnel selection and have been to our academy. We select them on their recent experience in security, self-defense and fighting competence, as well as their social skills. We have an 24/7 control center where our guards are in constant communication with their supervisors and are equipped with the best communication sets. The quality of service we offer has enabled us to experience a rapid growth, and we are currently providing security guards (armed and unarmed) to over 30 clients in Suriname and will expand internationally soon. Our sales manager meets the client, one of the advantage of this is our sales manager and our sales team are all locals and have a great network and knowledge how things move, they are very experienced and will be able to assess the security needs of the client in a small amount of time. We will do a risk analysis and set up a security program specifically tailored to address the client’s needs. Our services can be for long term (permanent) as well as short term (ad hoc). - Security officers. at sight you can have a guard only on working days, working hours, or 24/7 - Security consultants. how to prevent assault and robbery - Access control. have a guard screening and registering your visits - Daily mobile surveillance. we can drive by and check in daily - Event Security Guard. small or big event, we can have guards ad hoc at your event to prevent civil disorder and escalation of any kind.
  • Armed Response Team - ART .
     24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one push on the button and our ART team is heading your way. Our clients will be provided with an emergency telephone number and, if required, a hidden alarm (panic button) onsite. To be able to protect yourself and your personnel, the moment there is an insecure situation, such as a robbery, assault or a full aggressive person, you can push this alarm button and there will be no sirens going off, but our control center will receive this alarm and, with the help of our GPS system, we will send our ART team immediately to your location. The clients that call should be able to give the address, the clients with an alarm on site will be detected by GPS. Our controllers, supervisors and armed guards are all resident in Paramaribo with in-depth knowledge of the area and security requirements, also they know how to move quickly in this city. Our fully equipped Control Center is based in Paramaribo, our team coordinates the ART vehicles to respond immediately to our clients request, they will choose to send our ART team on motorcycle and/or car. We heavily recruit former law enforcement and ex-military personnel for our ART team.
  • MCS Unit, MotorCycle Service .
     we are the only firm in Paramaribo to have a motorcycle unit, this unit is perfect for the city, we can reach all clients in no time and traffic jams will not be a problem anymore. Our Control Unit will guide this MCS with the help of a high tech GPS system. The guards on this MCS Unit will have the same qualifications as our ART Team, they will be armed and have law enforcement backgrounds.
  • Armed & Secured Transport .
     Please contact us to make arrangement for special transport, we can offer a bullet proof car including armed guards for specific transport.
  • Money Transport & Dye Pack .
     We offer exclusively secured transport in a secured money transport vehicle including guards and a dye pack, this is to secure your money transport at the highest level.
  • Training of your own guards .
     If you already have your guards and you do not want to change the team, but you do want to keep developing, we offer custom made training. INPROSER has an academy of its own, we give your guards a day back to school to renew theory and we offer training, self-defense, prevention, maintain order and shooting abilities.
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