Biography Malcolm Bilkerdijk

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Malcolm Bilkerdijk, CEO of Inproser N.V. was born and raised in Paramaribo, Suriname. He can be characterized as a true leader with a lot of ambition. With over 25 years of experience in the security industry in the Netherlands, Malcolm has been given the opportunity to accurately experience and follow the innovations in the security industry. He is therefore proud to be able to bear his RSE (Registered Security Expert) title in addition to his background as a trainer, customer service teacher, sharpshooter, EFR (Emergency First Responser) instructor and Krav Maga specialist. 

With this background, Malcolm realized that there was also a demand for specialized and professional security services in Suriname. Inproser N.V, which stands for Innovation Protective Services, was founded by Malcolm in 2014 and is today an indispensable player in the Surinamese market. With many other innovative plans for the future, both nationally and internationally, Inproser N.V. is engaged in sustainable growth. 

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