Armed response team

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K9 Dog Security Services
Inproser N.V. provides various armed security services. The armed guards have followed intensive training at the Inproser N.V. Academy and have the skills and knowledge to protect you and your objects, both with and without weapons. There are various armed security services, such as:

  • Business services; the security guards guard objects at business locations (such as companies, restaurants etc.) or provide mobile surveillance for the business customers. This can either be armed or unarmed. 
  • VIP-security; the security guards provide security and protection for VIP customers. 
  • Security in the interior of Suriname; the security guards guide and protect business customers in the interior of Suriname. This can either be armed or unarmed. 
  • MCS-unit; the Motor Cycle Service (MCS) unit of Inproser N.V. consists of a team of experienced drivers on motorcycles. This can either be armed or unarmed. 

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